Storage PRICING 2017/2018


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You May add Service to the below for an extra cost.   


Part#: Store/Shrink/Wint    (BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK)
(add 3ft to boat length for motor/engine)

Includes Storage, Shrink wrap and Outside Storage (We remove batteries and fish finders, trickle charge over winter and reinstall in spring, Customer MUST give us a week notice in spring before picking up boat)


Part#: Storage/Shrink
(add 3ft to boat length for motor/engine)

Includes Shrink Wrap and Outdoor Storage ONLY (We do not touch anything in the boat, when boat is picked up in spring, customer receives it with the shrink wrap on it)


Part#: Shrink Wrap Only
(Shrink Wrap ONLY)


Part#: Storage Only

($10.00 per foot) Trailers, Boats etc, Customer drops off in yard and picks up in spring ONCE snow is melted or access is available. (WE DO NOTHING TO THE UNIT)